Our FULLER Ancestors

South Stukely, Quebec, Canada


Tree: DonFuller
Latitude: 45.3169427, Longitude: -72.4151279


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lawrence, Aurelia  28 Mar 1805South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44765 DonFuller 
2 Lawrence, Erastus  31 Mar 1813South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44770 DonFuller 
3 Lawrence, Erastus  27 Jun 1819South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44774 DonFuller 
4 Lawrence, Florina  27 Jul 1821South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44775 DonFuller 
5 Lawrence, Hannah  24 Apr 1811South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44767 DonFuller 
6 Lawrence, Henry Jr.  10 Apr 1816South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44772 DonFuller 
7 Lawrence, Henry Jr.  6 Nov 1817South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44773 DonFuller 
8 Lawrence, Isaac  13 Apr 1807South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44766 DonFuller 
9 Lawrence, Lydia  24 May 1823South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44776 DonFuller 
10 Lawrence, Mary  5 Jan 1810South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44769 DonFuller 
11 Lawrence, Phebe  20 Oct 1814South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44771 DonFuller 
12 Lawrence, Samantha  10 Apr 1806South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44777 DonFuller 
13 Lawrence, Samantha  12 Aug 1808South Stukely, Quebec, Canada I44768 DonFuller