Our FULLER Ancestors

New York City,,New York,USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cutter, Charles Nelson Jr.  24 Aug 1837New York City,,New York,USA I115773 DonFuller 
2 Cutter, Mary Elizabeth  10 Sep 1839New York City,,New York,USA I115774 DonFuller 
3 Davis, George Clinton  9 Nov 1866New York City,,New York,USA I118334 DonFuller 
4 Davis, Julia Georgiana  2 Feb 1856New York City,,New York,USA I118332 DonFuller 
5 Davis, Mary Louisa  27 Aug 1858New York City,,New York,USA I118333 DonFuller 
6 Everett, Amanda  18 May 1822New York City,,New York,USA I127706 DonFuller 
7 Gaab, Mary E.  1860New York City,,New York,USA I112042 DonFuller 
8 Manchester, Jane Amelia  2 Nov 1840New York City,,New York,USA I60105 DonFuller 
9 McKesson, William Hull  14 Jan 1803New York City,,New York,USA I2590 DonFuller 
10 McKesson, William Hull  5 May 1805New York City,,New York,USA I57594 DonFuller 
11 Powers, Ellis Bullock  20 Sep 1878New York City,,New York,USA I128965 DonFuller 
12 Powers, Mary Bullock  1 Feb 1876New York City,,New York,USA I128964 DonFuller 
13 Shepard, Alice Bradford  20 Apr 1887New York City,,New York,USA I125214 DonFuller 
14 Shepard, Elinor Matilda  11 Dec 1865New York City,,New York,USA I125224 DonFuller 
15 Shepard, F.N.   I124086 DonFuller 
16 Shepard, Francis Norsworthy  13 Apr 1850New York City,,New York,USA I124088 DonFuller 
17 Shepard, Mary Norsworthy  14 Mar 1849New York City,,New York,USA I124087 DonFuller 
18 Shepard, Robert Fitch  18 Sep 1851New York City,,New York,USA I124089 DonFuller 
19 Shepard, S.N.   I124090 DonFuller 
20 Shimmin, Frances Thomasine  26 Jul 1853New York City,,New York,USA I124457 DonFuller 
21 Strobell, Bessie Opydyke  22 Mar 1861New York City,,New York,USA I125002 DonFuller 
22 Thwing, Charles Jr.  20 Jun 1836New York City,,New York,USA I65526 DonFuller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Averill, Emma Clara  28 Sep 1911New York City,,New York,USA I31259 DonFuller 
2 Barrett, Thomas S.  1 Dec 1853New York City,,New York,USA I123782 DonFuller 
3 Dennis, Delia Maria  15 Mar 1843New York City,,New York,USA I124081 DonFuller 
4 Kingsbury, Miriam Annette  29 May 1888New York City,,New York,USA I102650 DonFuller 
5 Parker, Abigail  5 Feb 1829New York City,,New York,USA I127700 DonFuller 
6 Powers, Ellis King  29 Nov 1888New York City,,New York,USA I128957 DonFuller 
7 Powers, Emory  9 Jun 1863New York City,,New York,USA I100801 DonFuller 
8 Powers, Hollis Lyman  5 Feb 1886New York City,,New York,USA I128959 DonFuller 
9 Shepard, Edward Allen  19 Apr 1930New York City,,New York,USA I125000 DonFuller 
10 Shepard, Francis Norsworthy  24 Apr 1887New York City,,New York,USA I124088 DonFuller 
11 Shepard, John  4 May 1867New York City,,New York,USA I29390 DonFuller 
12 Shepard, Rutherford Mead  2 Sep 1933New York City,,New York,USA I125227 DonFuller 
13 Thwing, Charles Sr.  27 May 1859New York City,,New York,USA I31878 DonFuller 
14 Thwing, John Chamberlain  19 Feb 1855New York City,,New York,USA I31882 DonFuller 
15 Ward, Caty  4 Jul 1852New York City,,New York,USA I123907 DonFuller 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barker / Shepard  16 Jan 1907New York City,,New York,USA F43387 DonFuller 
2 Shepard / Shimmin  16 Jan 1882New York City,,New York,USA F43138 DonFuller 
3 Shepard / Strobell  16 Oct 1883New York City,,New York,USA F43325 DonFuller 
4 Thompson / Shepard  14 May 1868New York City,,New York,USA F42926 DonFuller