Our FULLER Ancestors

East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA


Tree: DonFuller
Address : Latitude: 42.34260310519016, Longitude: -71.19008745657993


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, James Harrall  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I2776 DonFuller 
2 Allen, Kinsley  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I127773 DonFuller 
3 Allen, Kinsley Bethuel  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I127774 DonFuller 
4 Allen, Lewis  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I2778 DonFuller 
5 Allen, Samuel Lewis  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I2775 DonFuller 
6 Bacon, Jane  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA  I3869 DonFuller 
7 Bacon, John Adams  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I1969 DonFuller 
8 Bacon, Joseph  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I1962 DonFuller 
9 Bacon, Martha N.  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I1963 DonFuller 
10 Bacon, Thomas Jefferson  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I1970 DonFuller 
11 Clarke, Dr. Samuel  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I735 DonFuller 
12 Cole, Elizabeth  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I380 DonFuller 
13 Curtis, Hester  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I77911 DonFuller 
14 Fuller, Beulah  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA  I451 DonFuller 
15 Fuller, Catherine  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I475 DonFuller 
16 Fuller, Isaac  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I406 DonFuller 
17 Fuller, John Jr.  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I381 DonFuller 
18 Fuller, John Sr.  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I379 DonFuller 
19 Fuller, Captain Jonathan Sr.  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I315 DonFuller 
20 Fuller, Captain Joseph Sr.  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I371 DonFuller 
21 Fuller, Martha  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I472 DonFuller 
22 Hickman, Sarah Louise  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I101302 DonFuller 
23 Hull, Rebecca Parker  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I732 DonFuller 
24 Jackson, Lydia  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I372 DonFuller 
25 Mirick, Sarah  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I275 DonFuller 
26 Murdock, Catherine  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I4083 DonFuller 
27 Murdock, Henry  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA  I43050 DonFuller 
28 Murdock, Major Samuel  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA  I1056 DonFuller 
29 Smith, Catherine  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I127771 DonFuller 
30 Trowbridge, Nathaniel  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I2604 DonFuller 
31 Wiswall, Esther  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I5520 DonFuller 
32 Wiswall, Harriet Marean  East Parish Burying Ground,Newton,Middlesex,Massachusetts,USA I2773 DonFuller