Our FULLER Ancestors

Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA


Tree: DonFuller
Latitude: 44.1992272, Longitude: -75.6068791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Copeland, Charles Carroll  8 Nov 1838Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31336 DonFuller 
2 Copeland, Fanny Maria  12 Jun 1842Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31337 DonFuller 
3 Copeland, Francis Clewley  10 Nov 1835Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31335 DonFuller 
4 Copeland, George  27 Aug 1827Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31267 DonFuller 
5 Copeland, Dr. Oliver Smith  28 Jun 1833Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31334 DonFuller 
6 Knapp, Albert  10 Jul 1825Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I8633 DonFuller 
7 McCallaster, George David  3 Oct 1831Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31328 DonFuller 
8 McCallaster, Henry Major  20 May 1839Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31330 DonFuller 
9 McCallaster, Oliver Richard  10 May 1834Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31329 DonFuller 
10 McCallaster, William Parish  9 May 1829Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31327 DonFuller 
11 Stowell, Amelia Jane  6 May 1835Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31349 DonFuller 
12 Stowell, Elizabeth  Abt 22 Apr 1815Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31237 DonFuller 
13 Stowell, Fanny  6 Aug 1812Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31236 DonFuller 
14 Stowell, Frances Maria  5 Sep 1833Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31346 DonFuller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Copeland, Clewley  28 Sep 1878Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31266 DonFuller 
2 Hoisington, Ruth  6 May 1823Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I28735 DonFuller 
3 McCallaster, George David  17 Jul 1903Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31328 DonFuller 
4 McCallaster, Henry Major  4 Apr 1841Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31330 DonFuller 
5 McCallaster, William  5 May 1870Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31326 DonFuller 
6 Stowell, Amelia Jane  23 Jan 1858Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31349 DonFuller 
7 Stowell, Fanny  11 Nov 1890Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31236 DonFuller 
8 Stowell, Maria  17 Jan 1828Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31232 DonFuller 
9 Stowell, Nancy  9 Jul 1898Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA I31233 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Copeland / Stowell  Bef 1827Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10266 DonFuller 
2 Copeland / Stowell  13 Apr 1831Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10284 DonFuller 
3 McCallaster / Stowell  24 Feb 1828Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10281 DonFuller 
4 Russell / Copeland  22 Sep 1863Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10285 DonFuller 
5 Stowell / Hoisington  Abt 1816Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10251 DonFuller 
6 Stowell / Unknown  13 Jul 1828Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10252 DonFuller 
7 Thomas / Stowell  6 Jan 1834Antwerp, Jefferson, New York,USA F10268 DonFuller