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   Source ID   Title, Author 
201 S2 Research Notes, The Shepard Family
Matthew Keefe Jr. 
202 S7 Riverview Cemetery, Wabasha, MN, Record Type: Cemetery Records and Markers, Name Of Person: Record of Interments and Lots, Reader: Photos by W Fuller
203 S213 Semi-Weeley News Paper: Columbian Centinel (1790-1840): Obituaries, Location: Boston, Massachusetts
204 S92 Ship Manifest - Alfred Dechanet, Record Type: Record - Film of Ship Manifest, Name Of Person: Alfred Dechanet, Ship Name: Samuel M. Fox, Series: Series: M237, Roll: Roll: M237_121, Film: List: 1534
205 S9 Social Security Death Index, Subject: Social Security Death Index
Social Security Administration Death Index Master File. 
206 S177 Special Schedule - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, Subject: Civil War Government Document
Civil War Government Document 
207 S209 The Descendants of John Whitney, who came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts in 1635
Frederick Clifton Pierce 
208 S174 The Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL: Obituary and Death Notice - Deceased Name: Myra F. Harper, Location: Normal, IL, Page: Page E5
209 S1 The Shepard Families of New England, Volume 1, Ralph Shepard of Dedham
Gerald Faulkner Shepard, Edited by Donald Lines Jacobus 
210 S217 Thomas Jørgensen Family Bible, Family Info: Thomas Jørgensen - has children's birth/death dates - hand written, Present Owner: Present Owner: Kirsten Hoyer - DK, Location: Issued by the British and Foreign Company
211 S102 Todd County Argus: Death: At the home of his daughter, Mrs. D.A. Tufts, Location: Long Prairie, MN
212 S28 Traders Ledger - H H Sibley Papers, 1835, Location: Mendota, MN
Henry Hastings Sibley 
213 S112 USA Federal & State Census data showing our Fuller Family
Compiler: US Federal & State Census Data 
214 S90 USA Federal & State Census Summarized by Census Year for the Oliver Cratte Family
Compiler: US Federal & State Census Summary 
215 S153 USA Federal & State Census which shows our Greenleaf Family
Compiler: US Federal & State Census Data 
216 S140 Vital Records
Compiler: Compiled from Church or Private or State Records 
217 S141 Vital Records of Andover Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849
Compiler: Town Records compiled from Church Records 
218 S100 Vital Records of Haute Marne District, Champaign Region, France, Translator: P Baschiera, Compiler Address: France
219 S102 Vital Records of Haute-Marne District, Champagne-Ardenne Region, Franceen ligne (online), Compiler Address: 19 bis Avenue Carnot - 52 005Chaumont Cedex, Url: http://www.actes52.fr
Centre Généalogique de Haute-Marne 
220 S139 Vital Records of Lowell Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849
Compiler: Town Records compiled from Church Records 
221 S10 Vital Records of Newton, MA. to the end of the year 1849.
222 S14 Vital Records of Newton, Midddlesex Co., Ma. to the year 1850, Deaths
223 S7 Vital Records of Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. to the Year 1850
224 S12 Vital Records of Roxbury, MA. to the end of the year 1849.
225 S8 Vital Records of Waltham, MA - early Massachusetts records 1600-1850.
226 S117 Vital Records, Alberta, Canada, Volume: 1-877-427-4088; service.alberta@gov.ab.ca
Compiler: Province of Alberta 
227 S180 Vital Records, California
Compiler: State of California, USA 
228 S171 Vital Records, Maine
Compiler: State of Maine, USA 
229 S106 Vital Records, Massachusetts
Compiler: State of Massachusetts, USA 
230 S110 Vital Records, Minnesota
Compiler: State of Minnesota, USA 
231 S168 Vital Records, Quebec, Canada; Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec (BAnQ)
Compiler: Quebec Provincial Government 
232 S107 Vital Records, Vermont
Compiler: State of Vermont, USA 
233 S54 Wabasha County, Georaphical and Statistical Sketches of the Past and Present Together with a General View of the State of Minnesota
W.H. Mitchell; U. Curtis 
234 S20 Wabasha Herald - Captain Joseph Buisson Obit: Obituaries - Captain Buisson, Location: Wabasha, MN
235 S57 Wabasha Herald - Mrs J.W. Cramsie: Obituaries - Mrs J.W. Cramsie, Location: Wabasha, MN
236 S22 Wabasha Herald: Born in Wabasha 80 Years Ago, Location: Wabasha, MN
237 S23 Wabasha Herald: Death of Old Pioneer, Location: Wabasha, MN
238 S14 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries - Oliver Cratte, Location: Wabasha, MN
239 S19 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Alfred Dechanet, Location: Wabasha, MN
240 S42 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN
241 S43 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN
242 S15 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN
243 S16 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN
244 S17 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN
245 S18 Wabasha Herald: Obituaries, Location: Wabasha, MN

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