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401 Jens Christensen ca.1725 – 1803 Han var gårdejer på Holtet i Ø. Hassing.I sit gteskab med Kirsten Ottosdatter ca.1721 – 1807 havde han firesønner:
Christen Jensen, f.1757
Jens Jensen, f.1759
Anders Jensen, f.1763, d.6.10.1829
Lars Jensen, f.1766

Holtet blev først overtaget af den ældste søn, Christen, som imidlertidi 1805 overdrog gården til den næstyngste 
Christensen, Jens (I155)
402 Jens Christian Andersen 23.3.1799-13.11.1876 overtog som nævnt Holtet oghavde faderen og stedmoderen på aftægt. I 1852 købte han Øster Laden,som familien da flyttede til. Jens Christian var gift med Anna JohanneThomasdatter 21.5.1809-14.2.1881 som stammede fra Skrold, og som langtude var i slægt med tip-tip-oldemor Ane på Nejst og tip-oldemor ElseMargrethe på Holtegaard. Jens Christian og Anna Johanne blev mineoldeforældre, og deres grave findes stadig på kirkegård i VesterHassing. De fik seks børn:

Anders Jensen, f.26.5.1834, d.27.10.1871
Thomas Jensen, f.26.4.1837, d.13.10.1910
Kirsten Jensen, f.18.4.1841, d.13.12.1843
Jens Jensen, f.24.8.1843, d.?
Anders Christian Jensen, f.17.1.1846, d.?
Niels Jensen, f.10.6.1851, d.? 
Andersen, Jens Christian (I151)
403 Jens Christian Andersen 23.3.1799-13.11.1876 took over the previouslymentioned farm, Holtet and his father and stepmother lived there aspensioners. In 1852 he bought the Øster Laden, the family then moved to.Jens Christian was married Anna Johanne Thomasdatter
21.5.1809-14.2.1881 who originated from Skrold and was a distantrelative to my great-great-great-grandmother Ane on Nejst andgreat-great- grandmother Else Margrethe from the farm, Holtegaard. JensChristian and Anna Johanne were my great-grandparents, and their gravesare still in the cemetery in Vester Hassing. They had six children :

Anders Jensen, b.26.5.1834 , d.27.10.1871
Thomas Jensen, b.26.4.1837 , d.13.10.1910
Kirsten Jensen, b.18.4.1841 , d.13.12.1843
Jens Jensen, b.24.8.1843 , d ?
Anders Christian Jensen, b.17.1.1846 , d ?
Niels Jensen, b.10.6.1851 , d ?
Andersen, Jens Christian (I151)
404 Jens Jensen 06/19/1887 - 19??; Uncle Jens was as I said only ten yearswhen his mother died. In regard to his further upbringing on the farmØster Laden, as mentioned in addition to the father - he had his brotherand sister-in-law, but probably not so much his sister (my mother), shewent to Sjælland and lived with a teacher and his family and later was adairy (butter) maid on a farm in Vendsyssel until her marriage to myfather.

Jens took over the Øster Laden in 1910 at his father's death, but soldit shortly after and became the Reeve for the area as well as a bankdirector in V. Hassing. He was married twice. His first wife JohanneLouise Kirstine Christensen 24.9.1894-19.2.1920 was the daughter ofmaster baker in V.Hassing. She was twenty years old when they married in1914 and died after only six years of marriage.

In 1924, when daughter Ellen Cathrine was 7 years, Uncle Jens marriedJohanne Wrist 01.04.1903-19?. Aunt Johanna was just 21 when she becamestepmother to her husband’s 7-year-old daughter. Uncle Jens and AuntJohanna had three additional children: 
Jensen, Jens (I860)
405 Jens Jensen 19.6.1887 - 19??; Onkel Jens var som sagt kun ti ar, da hansmor døde. I hans videre opvækst på Øster Laden deltog som nævntforuden faderen - hans bror og svigerinde, men nok ikke så meget hanssøster (min mor), for hun kom til Sjælland hos en lærerfamilie og blevsenere mejerske på en gård i Vendsyssel inden sit ægteskab med min far.

Jens overtog Øster Laden i 1910 ved sin fars død, men solgte den kortefter og blev sognefoged og spare­kassedirektør i V. Hassing. Han blevgift to gange. Hans første kone Johanne Louise Kirstine Christensen24.9.1894-19.2.1920 var datter af bagermester i V.Hassing. Hun var tyveår, da de blev gift i 1914, og døde efter kun seks års ægteskab.

I 1924, da datter Ellen Cathrine var 7 ar, giftede onkel Jens sig igenmed Johanne Wrist 1.4.1903- 19??. Tante Johanne var kun 21, da hun blevstedmor til sin mands 7-årige datter Onkel Jens og tante Johanne fikyderligere tre børn: 
Jensen, Jens (I860)
406 John Fuller III is not shown on the official 'interment' list for thiscemetery as of 2016, perhaps because there is no readable stone in thespace for grave 372. Fuller, John III (I2089)
407 joined the Evangelical Congregational Church of South Boston, her husbandSumner already being a founding member. Greenleaf, Mary H. (I58)
408 Joseph Fuller died February 13, 1813, Intestate; without a Will. Howeverthe Probate court administered the estate and ordered the assets sold topay the debts. Each child received $140 after the debts and the widowreceived 1/3 of the real estate as her dower rights. Fuller, Deacon Joseph (I113)
409 Joseph was the 4th Deacon of the Second Congregational Church in Newton -situated in West Newton. Fuller, Deacon Joseph (I113)
410 Konf. 19 April 1903 i Aistrup Kirke Jørgensen, Jørgen Axelsen (I385)
411 La Nativite De Notre Dame Family F1180
412 Lake Pepin Half-Breed Land Tract
AHalf-Breed Tractwas a segment of land designated in the westernstates by the United States Government in the 19th century specificallyfor people of American Indian and European ancestry, known as mix bloodsor half-breeds. The government set aside such tracts in several U.S.states, including Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Wabasha county and the town of Wabasha, in Minnesota were named in honorof an Indian Chief ofthe M’dewakantonwan Dahkotas, Chief Wa-pa-shaw, byDuncan Graham, a Scottish fur trader, whose wife was the granddaughterof Chief Wapashaw I. Wapashaw’s band along with the children fromEuropean and French Canadian fur traders and their native wives, campedalong the Mississippi River in this area.
At treaty of 1830 Prairie du Chien, the Indian tribes represented werefour bands of the Sioux, theSacs, Foxes, Iowas, Omahas,Otoes, andMissouri Indians surrendered all of their claims to the land in WesternIowa, Northwestern Missouri and especially the country ofthe DesMoinesRiver Valley.The M’dewakantonwan Dahkotas, Wabasha’s band, had aspecial article (no.9) inserted in the treaty for the benefit of theirhalf-blood relatives.
"The Sioux bands in council have earnestly solicited that they mighthave permission to bestow upon the half-breeds of their nation the tractof land within the following limits, to wit: Beginning atthe placecalled the Barn, below and near the village of the Red Wing Chief, andrunning back fifteen miles; thence, in a parallel line withLakePepinand the Mississippi, about 32 miles, to a point opposite the riveraforesaid; the United States agree to suffer said half-breeds to occupysaid tract of country; they holding by the same title, and in the samemanner that other Indian titles are held."

The United States agreed to allow these half-breeds to occupy this tractof country, holding title in the same manner that otherIndian titleswereheld (a Reserve). The Second Treatyof Prairie duChien (1830) wasapproved byU.S. Senate in February 1831, allowing these Metis to settlepermanently and legally in the area specified.

The half-breed or mixed-blood Sioux relinquished their rights to theirReserve on the west side of Lake Pepin, which was set up by article 9 ofthe Treaty of Prairie du Chien. In return for this relinquishment, theindividual Indians, as provided by an Act of Congress of July 17, 1854,(10 Stat. 304) were allowed to select land allotments in the ReserveArea based on their family history and given Land Certificates entitlingthem to the land selected.

These Land Certificates were issued to claimants based on US Governmentqualifying affidavits in the years of 1854-56, however there was muchcontroversy, speculation and even litigation over these Certificates insubsequent years.

In time“Lake Pepin”Half-Breed Certificates becamevery valuable to theholders and although a good idea at the time, many were tradedfor verylittle value or invested in unscrupulous land dealings. 
Source (S203)
413 Land and Homestead Records Repository (R28)
414 Lars Jensen, 02/03/1776 - 06/06/1843, married when he was 27 years old,the same year that his father died and he took over the farm,Holtegaard. From the farm transfer papers we see in detail hisresponsibilities to take care of his mother on the farm during herlifetime. His wife was, Karen Ottosdatter, 1776 – 1839. She was thedaughter of Otto Larsen and Maren Simonsdatter from the farm “StoreKjærsgaard” near Dronninglund.

In 1813 when Lars and Karen had the first 4 of their 6 children, hebought Store Kjærsgaard, and in the following year he bought additionalland to Holtegaard. They had a number of successful years until KarenOttosdatter died in 1839at the age of 64. A year later he handed overthe farm Holtegaard to his son Otto, and became a pensioner on the farmuntil his death three years later.

Lars Jensen and Karen Ottosdatter had 6 children which eventually weredivided into several family farm lines:
Jens Larsen, 1804-1882, Rottruplinien,
Berthel Larsen, 1806-1855, Nørresundby line,
Maren Larsdatter, 1809-1897, Aslundlinien,
Otto Larsen, 1812-1890, Holtegaard line,
Niels Larsen, 1815-1899, Skelgaard line,
Else Margrethe Larsdatter, f.1819, died as a child.

Great-grandfather Otto Larsen chose the Holtegaard Line, which was hisprimary interest. But we must first talk about his siblings as I am incontact with several of their descendants.

Jens Larsen first owned V. Nejsig, but from 1855 he owned North Rottrup. He was married to 1) Margrethe Nielsdatter (1811-1842) and 2) JohanneAmalie Larsdatter (1822-1874) and had a total of seven children. Ofthose, two mentioned:

A. Lars Jensen (1830-1899) owned Ø. Nejsig. With his wife MetteKristine Madsdatter (1835-1912) he had four children, of which his sonNiels Larsen (1875-1924), took over Ø. Nejsig and he was married to mypaternal grandmother's niece Thomine Hansine Ingvardsen (1875-1948). Ø.Nejsig was taken over by their son, Lars Nejsig Larsen (1904-1945), whowas married to Elna " Søster " Nielsen Gravholt (b.1912 ) , and whoseson Niels Nejsig Larsen (b. 1943 ) is the current owner of the Ø.Nejsig. Another son, Lars Jensen and his wife became thegreat-grandparents to Marie Sørensen (b.1926), who is married to PeterMyhren (b.1922).

B. Niels Jensen (1834-1901) owned Gravholt. With his wife Marie JacobiChristendatter (1843-1925) had eleven children. Via one of the sons wasthe paternal grandparents to the two sisters: Elna " Søster " NielsenGravholt (shown above) was married to his second cousin Lars NejsigLarsen, and Kathrine " Trine " Nielsen-Gravholt ( b.1914 ) , who wasmarried to Erik Larsen ( 1911-1994 ), Gl Kærsgaard Tylstrup, later NorthRavnstrup . Via a daughter, they were also great-grandparents to GretheBadsberg (b.1923), who was married to Erik Larsen's brother Niels "Nit"Larsen (1920-1996).

Nørresundby line:
Berthel Larsen was married to Christiane Sindalsdatter (1796-1844) andhad an unmarried son and a daughter who married Høyer, and had sevenchildren, of which the first six remained unmarried. There are probablyonly descendants of the seventh, who became a bookbinder in Copenhagen.

Maren Larsdatter married her father’s cousin, Lars Jensen (1801-1865),Ø. Aslund, and they had one son and two daughters. The daughter JohanneKirstine Laura Larsdatter (1848-1930) married Søren Roesdahl(1853-1922), and took over Ø. Aslund and had three daughters: Mathilde,married Høst, Larzetty, married Teisenberg and Edele, who was unmarriedand took over Ø. Aslund after parents. (The Karen Roesdahl, who now hasthe farm Baalen in Gandrup, is the grandson of Soren Roesdahl’s brotherChristian. She has a daughter who lives in Dyrlægegården Farm in Gandrupwhere my parents lived before they moved to Hougaard's Mølle).

Maren Lars daughter's second daughter, Jensine Karoline Fred Larsdatter(1852-1930) married her cousin, Lars Ottosen, who was my paternalgrandmother's brother.

Skeletons yard line:
Niels Larsen married Marie Pedersdatter (1806-1883), who was the widowof Skelgaarden, and they had three daughters, one of whom was marriedBuhl, the other died unmarried age of 27 and the third at 19.

Holtegaard line:
Great-grandfather Otto Larsen, 1812 – 1890, took over Holtegaard in 1840when he was 28 years old. At the same time, he married the 17 -year-olddaughter Mette Christendatter 1823-1905, daughter of farmer ChristenChristensen and Inger Andersdatter from Str. Søraa.

Like his father Otto expanded the farm by the purchase of additionalland. Furthermore in 1855, he took over V. Nejsig from his brother,Jens, but sold the farm two years later. Great-grandfather Otto liveduntil he was 77; great-grandmother Mette until she was 82. They had 12children, of whom grandmother was number two:

Karen Ottosdatter, 1842-1916
Inger Marie Ottosdatter, 22.2.1843-13.8.1915
Lars Ottosen, 1844-1912
Christian Ottosen, 1846-1918
Else Margrethe Ottosdatter, 1848-1910
Carl Jens Arenstorff Ottosen, 1850-1934
Johanne Marie Ottosdatter, 1852-1934
Jens Ottosen, b.1854, died young
Berthel Ottosen, b.1856, died young
Bertel Line Ottosdatter, 1859-1914
Jens Berthel Ottosen, 1860-1945
Guido Dusine Ottosdatter, 1862-1941

While we - the family in the mill farm basically knew nothinggrandfather's siblings and their descendants, we were not only aware ofmy grandmother's siblings, but also had a close relationship withseveral of their children and grandchildren. 
Jensen, Lars (I145)
415 Lars Jensen, 3.2.1776 - 6.6.1843, blev gift 27 år gl. - samme år, som hanved faderens død overtog Holtegaard. Af overtagelsespapirerne fremgårdetaljeret, hvilke aftægtsforpligtelser han fik overfor moderen. Hanskone var: Karen Ottosdatter, 1776 – 1839. Hun var datter af Otto Larsenog Maren Simonsdatter, Store Kjærsgaard ved Dronninglund.
I 1813 - da Lars og Karen havde fået de første 4 af deres 6 nedennævntebørn - købte Lars Store Kjærsgaard, ligesom han i de følgende ar købteyderligere jorder til Holtegaard. De fik således en række fremgangsrigeår, indtil Karen Ottosdatter døde 64 år gl. i 1839. Året efter overdrogden jævnaldrende enkemand Holtegaard til sønnen Otto og kom selv påaftægt hos ham og hans kone til sin død 3 år senere.

Lars Jensen og Karen Ottosdatter's 6 børn er af Kr. Værnfelt (sekildefortegnelse) opdelt i flere linier:
Jens Larsen, 1804-1882, Rottruplinien,
Berthel Larsen, 1806-1855, Nørresundbylinien,
Maren Larsdatter, 1809-1897, Aslundlinien,
Otto Larsen, 1812-1890, Holtegaardlinien,
Niels Larsen, 1815-1899, Skelgaardlinien,
Else Margrethe Larsdatter, f.1819, død som barn.

Oldefar Otto Larsen tegner sig altså for Holtegaardlinien, som harprimær interesse. Men vi skal først se lidt på hans søskende, da jeg hartilknytning til flere af deres efterkommere.

Jens Larsen ejede først V.Nejsig, men fra 1855 Nørre Rottrup. Han vargift med 1) Margrethe Nielsdatter (1811-1842) og 2) Johanne AmalieLarsdatter (1822-1874) og havde ialt syv børn. Af dem skal to omtales:
A. Lars Jensen (1830-1899) ejede ø. Nejsig. Med sin kone Mette KristineMadsdatter (1835-1912) fik han fire børn, deraf sønnen Niels Larsen(1875-1924), som overtog ø. Nej­ sig og var gift med min farmors nieceThomine Hansine Ing­vardsen (1875-1948). ø.Nejsig blev videreført afderes søn, Lars Nejsig Larsen (1904-1945), som var gift med Elna"Søster" Nielsen-Gravholt (f.1912), og hvis søn Niels Nejsig Larsen (f. 943) er den nuværende ejer af ø. Nejsig. Via en anden søn blev LarsJensen og hans kone iøvrigt oldeforældre til Marie Sørensen (f.1926),som er gift med Peter Myhren (f.1922).
B. Niels Jensen (1834-1901) ejede Gravholt. Med sin kone Marie JacobiChristensdatter (1843-1925) fik han elleve børn. Via en af sønnerne blevde farforældre til de to søstre: Elna "Søster" Nielsen-Gravholt, derjfr. ovenfor blev gift med sin halvfcetter Lars Nejsig Larsen, ogKathrine "Trine" Nielsen-Gravholt (f.1914), som blev gift med ErikLarsen (1911-1994), Gl. Kærsgaard i Tylstrup, senere Nørre Ravnstrup.Via en datter blev de endvidere oldeforældre til Grethe Badsberg(f.1923), som blev gift med Erik Larsens bror Niels "Nit" Larsen(1920-1996).

Berthel Larsen var gift med Christiane Sindalsdatter (1796-1844) oghavde en ugift søn samt en datter, som blev gift Høyer og fik syv børn,hvoraf de første seks forblev ugifte. Der er antagelig kun efterkommereefter den syvende, som blev bogbinder i København.

Maren Larsdatter blev gift med sin fars fætter på mødrene side LarsJensen (1801-1865), øster Aslund, og fik en søn og to døtre.
Datteren Johanne Kirstine Laura Larsdatter (1848-1930) blev gift medSøren Roesdahl (1853-1922), overtog øster Aslund og fik tre døtre:Mathilde, gift Høst, Larzetty, gift Teisen, og Edele, som var ugift ogovertog øster Aslund efter forældrene. (Den Karen Roesdahl, som nu hargården Baalen i Gandrup, er barnebarn af Søren Roesdahls bror Christian.Hun har en datter, som bor i Dyrlægegården i Gandrup, hvor mineforældre boede, inden de flyttede til Hougaards Mølle).

Maren Larsdatters anden datter, Jensine Karoline Frederikke Larsdatter(1852-1930) blev gift med sin fætter Lars Otto­ sen, som var min farmorsbror.

Niels Larsen blev gift med Marie Pedersdatter (1806-1883), som var enkepå Skelgaarden, og fik tre døtre, hvoraf den ene blev gift Buhl, denanden døde ugift som 27-årig og den tredie som 19-årig.

Oldefar Otto Larsen, 1812 – 1890 overtog Holtegaard i 1840, da han var28 år. Samtidig blev han gift med den 17 årige Mette Christensdatter1823 – 1905, datter af gårdmand Chris en Christensen og IngerAndersdatter, Sdr. Søraa.

Ligesom faderen udvidede Otto ved køb af yderligere jorder. Endvidereovertog han i 1855 V. Nejsig fra sin bror Jens, men solgte gården igento år senere. Oldefar Otto levede, til han blev 77, oldemor Mette tilhun blev 82. De fik ikke mindre end 12 børn, hvoraf farmor var nummerto:
Karen Ottosdatter, 1842-1916
Inger Marie Ottosdatter, 22.2.1843-13.8.1915
Lars Ottosen, 1844-1912
Christen Ottosen, 1846-1918
Else Margrethe Ottosdatter, 1848-1910
Carl Jens Arenstorff Ottosen, 1850-1934
Johanne Marie Ottosdatter, 1852-1934
Jens Ottosen, f.1854, død som lille
Berthel Ottosen, f.1856, død som lille
Bertelline Ottosdatter, 1859-1914
Jens Berthel Ottosen, 1860-1945
Guido Dusine Ottosdatter, 1862-1941
Mens vi - familien i Møllen - stort set intet kendte til farfarssøskende og deres efterkommere, har vi ikke alene haft kendskab tilfarmors søskende, men også et nært for­ hold til flere af deres børn ogbørnebørn.

I det følgende kapitel skal vi se nærmere på farmors søskende og deresefterkommere. 
Jensen, Lars (I145)
416 Last name from findagrave Arnold, Elinor (I74)
417 Laurids Bjorn Christensen Spliid 6.9.1695-23.3.1769 was a pastor like hisfather, and he too was married to a pastor's daughter Anne CatrineSteenfeldt 27.5.1697-2.7.1778. They had one daughter and six sons, twoof whom died young. Laurids became 74 years old, while his wife survivedhim for nine years and was 81.Their children were:

Christen Spliid, b.28.8.1731, d.5.11.1764
Jens Spliid, b.29.12.1732, d?
Marie Spliid, b.16.7.1734, d.6.5.1801
Hans Lorentz Spliid, b.14.9.1735, d.1822
Peder Spliid, b.1.2.1737, d.29.7.1795
Niels Spliid, b.15.8.1738, d. after 1762
Jørgen Spliid, b.6.3.1741, d.10.6.1814

Apparently, none of their kids became pastors. 
Spliid, Laurids Bjørn Christensen (I163)
418 Laurids Bjørn Christensen Spliid 6.9.1695-23.3.1769 var præst ligesomfaderen, og også han var gift med en præstedatter Anne CatrineSteenfeldt 27.5.1697-2.7.1778De fik en datter og seks sønner, hvoraf todøde som små. Laurids blev selv 74 År gammel, mens hans kone overlevedeham i ni år og blev 81. Deres børn var:

Christen Spliid, f.28.8.1731, d.5.11.1764
Jens Spliid, f.29.12.1732, d.?
Marie Spliid, f.16.7.1734, d.6.5.1801
Hans Lorentz Spliid, f.14.9.1735, d.1822
Peder Spliid, f.1.2.1737, d.29.7.1795
Niels Spliid, f.15.8.1738, d.efter 1762
Jørgen Spliid, f.6.3.1741, d.10.6.1814

Tilsyneladende blev ingen af disse børn præster. 
Spliid, Laurids Bjørn Christensen (I163)
419 Laurits Bjørn Spliid, 31.1.1770-3.8.1845: Han genoptog traditionen ogblev fra 1792 sognepræst i Horsens-Hammer og fra 1830 i V. Hassing, hvorhan tillige var konsistorialråd. Han blev på sin 23 års fødselsdag giftmed den seks år ældre købmandsdatter fra Aalborg

Nille Marie Sørensdatter Haaslund, 15.7.1764-25.10.1800 Med hende fikhan fire døtre og to sønner. Da de havde været gift I knapt syv år, ogdet yngste barn endnu ikke var blevet et år, døde Nille Marie 36 årgammel. Året efter giftede Laurits sig igen. Hans anden kone var

Ane Catrine Soelberg, 29.11.1773-9.12.1832 datter af hans fars kusine.De fik ni børn og var gift i 31 år, indtil hun døde 59 år gammel.Laurits levede derefter som enkemand i tretten år, til han døde 75 årgammel. Han blev begravet på V. Hassing kirkegård.
Hans mange børn var:

Ane Margrethe Spliid, f.8.12.1793, d.20.5.1794
Ingeborg Marie Spliid, f.24.4.1795, d.7.6.1859
Søren Haaslund Spliid, f.27.4.1796, d.?
Ane Margrethe Spliid, f.16.7.1797, d.15.3.1821
Hans Lorenz Spliid, f.11.9.1798, d.?
Petrine Bredahl Spliid, f.21.12.1799, d.30.3.1840

Adam Spliid, f.30.10.1802, d.9.5.1814
Nille Marie Spliid, f.15.12.1803, d.?
Jørgen Peter Spliid, f.28.8.1805, d.16.9.1892
Laura Sofie Spliid, f.2.1.1807, d.11.11.1887
Peder Gandrup Spliid, f.6.12.1808, d.17.4.1881
Marie Spliid, f.15.3.1810, d.16.8.1893
Ane Catrine Spliid, f.11.5.1811, d.?
Laurits Bjørn Spliid, f.31.7.1812, d.4.12.1895
Adamine Spliid, f.22.5.1814, d.4.5.1903

Flere af disse børn kom til landbruget. Ingen af dem blev præster. 
Spliid, Laurits Bjørn (I159)
420 Laurits Bjørn Spliid, 31.1.1770-3.8.1845: He resumed the tradition and in1792 became the Vicar of Horsens-Hammer and 1830 in V. Hassing , wherehe also was konsistorialråd (an achievement title given to Vicars). Onhis 23th birthday, he married with six year older grocer's daughter fromAalborg

Nille Marie Sørensdatter Haaslund, 15.7.1764-25.10.1800, and they hadfour daughters and two sons. When they had been married for almost sevenyears and the youngest child was not yet been one year old, Nille Mariedied at the age of 36. The following year Laurits married again. Hissecond wife was: Ane Catrine Soelberg, 29.11.1773-9.12.1832, daughter ofhis father's cousin. They had nine children and were married for 31years when she died at the age of 59. Laurits then lived as a widowerfor thirteen years until he died at 75 years old. He was buried in V.Hassing cemetery. His many children were:

Ane Margrethe Spliid , b.8.12.1793 , d.20.5.1794
Ingeborg Marie Spliid , b.24.4.1795 , d.7.6.1859
Soren Haaslund Spliid , b.27.4.1796 , d ?
Ane Margrethe Spliid , b.16.7.1797 , d.15.3.1821
Hans Lorenz Spliid , b.11.9.1798 , d ?
Petrine Bredahl Spliid , b.21.12.1799 , d.30.3.1840

Adam Spliid , b.30.10.1802 , d.9.5.1814
Nille Marie Spliid , b.15.12.1803 , d ?
Jørgen Peter Spliid , b.28.8.1805 , d.16.9.1892
Laura Sofie Spliid , b.2.1.1807 , d.11.11.1887
Peder Gandrup Spliid , b.6.12.1808 , d.17.4.1881
Marie Spliid , b.15.3.1810 , d.16.8.1893
Ane Catrine Spliid , b.11.5.1811 , d ?
Laurits Bjøn Spliid , b.31.7.1812 , d.4.12.1895
Adamine Spliid , b.22.5.1814 , d.4.5.1903

Several of these children went into agriculture. None of them werevicars. 
Spliid, Laurits Bjørn (I159)
421 Laurits Bjørn Spliid, 31.7.1812-4.12.1895 blev min oldefar. Ligesom sinesøskende fulgte han ikke traditionen op og blev præst, men valgte atblive gårdejer i V. Hassing. Han blev 30 år gl. gift med den tre åryngre Johanne Kirstine Pedersdatter, 23.12.1815-29.6.1892 som var datteraf en anden gårdejer i V. Hassing. Han slægtede heller ikke sin far påmed hensyn til børnerigdom, idet de kun fik to børn:

Thomas Peter Lauridsen Spliid, f.1843, d.1915
Laura Kathrine Spliid, f.2.12.1849, d.10.5.1898

Laura Kathrine blev min mormor. 
Spliid, Laurits Bjørn (I157)
422 Laurits Bjørn Spliid, 31.7.1812-4.12.1895 was my great-grandfather. Likehis siblings, he did not follow the ancestral practice of becoming apastor, but chose instead to become a farmer in V. Hassing. He was 30years old when he married the three year younger Johanne KirstinePedersdatter, 23.12.1815-29.6.1892, daughter of another farmer in V.Hassing. He also did not follow his ancestral practice of having awealth of children as they only had two, they were:

Thomas Peter Lauridsen Spliid, f.1843, d.1915
Laura Kathrine Spliid, f.2.12.1849, d.10.5.1898

Laura Kathrine was my grandmother. 
Spliid, Laurits Bjørn (I157)
423 Lavenham Parish Record: Baptims Date Jan 1, 1622/3 Cole, Elizabeth (I24)
424 likely Aujeurres. Family F396
425 likely located here, however no records. Pernot, Gervais (I6026)
426 listed in birth rec. as Alfred DeCHANETTE, b. 24 Sep 1886 Lachapelle, Albert Mich. (I848)
427 lived at Baissey. Argenton, Nicolle (I6517)
428 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Reedy, J.P. (I1639)
429 Lived with her parents all her life Faribault, Lucy Virginia (I5839)
430 Lord Selkirk wrote a letter to Graham acknowledging Graham's letters ofOct 11 and Dec 7 [1816] where he discussed the success Graham had intrading to date and gives specific instructions on what he wanted Grahamto do in the future. Selkirk felt that Graham should remain at thetrading post over the winter to ensure there was no conflict between thevarious bands of Indians. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
431 lung cancer Cratte, Charles Edward (I830)
432 m. before 08 Feb 1761 Family F1024
433 Manoir Giffard Family F1186
434 Marriage record indicates 1858 Grimm, William (I820)
435 Marriage record shows that Abraham Nelson was from Mistley, Essex Family F828
436 Marriage record shows that she was 18 at the time of marriage McNare, Rachel (I5799)
437 Married George Klaiber Fuller, Mary C. (I5827)
438 Married Harry Maginnis Fuller, Josephine S. (I4405)
439 Marrriage Date as recorded in the Watertown Vital Records; MARRIAGE:
Nathanel and Bethiah Fuller, Feb. 27, 1684/5. 
Family F884
440 Mary H. Fuller admitted to the South Church Andover. Greenleaf, Mary H. (I58)
441 Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 (Online Database:NewEnglandAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society,2001-2010). Source (S106)
442 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F836
443 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F822
444 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F820
445 middle initial from death index. Fuller, Jessie A. (I228)
446 Min Søster, Laura Kathrine – “Ditte” - Eriksen f.10.7.1903
blev født i Gandrup. Hun fik huslig uddannelse og havde bl.a. værethusbestyrerinde i København, da hun 37 ar gl blev gift med dyrlrege iHjallerup, Jens Anton Jensen 23.12.1893-13.1.1972

Jfr. kap.7 var Ditte og han næstsøskendebørn, idet han var sønnesøn afvores morfars bror Anders. Han var enkemand med fire børn pa dengang 14,13, 11 og 7 år
Selv fik Ditte dattersen:

Hanne Ramsgaard Jensen, f 6.4.1943-12.27.2015 
Eriksen, Laura Katherine "Ditte" (I186)
447 Morfar Thomas Jensen, 26.4.1837-13.10.1910
Mormor Laura Kathrine Spliid, 2.12.1849-10.5.1898 blev gift 11.6.1875,da han var 38 og hun 26 år. De fik syv børn, men de har ikke haft detlet. Fire af børnene døde som små - to af dem endda næsten samtidig ogvistnok af difteritis. Børnene var:

Laurits Bjørn Spliid Jensen, f.31.7.1876, d.25.1.1941
Jens Christian Jensen, f.25.8.1878, d.23.5.1880
Ane Johanne Jensen, f.28.3.1880, d.26.10.1961
Jenny Christine Jensen, f.29.5.1881, d.19.4.1884
Jens Christian Jensen, f.9.11.1883, d.11.4.1884
Johan Christian Jensen, f.16.8.1885, d.14.1.1886
Jens Jensen, f.19.6.1887

Foruden min mor levede således kun brødrene Laurits og Jens. Og .dissetre søskende mistede tilmed deres mor, da de var henholdsvis 21, 18 og10 år. Hun blev kun 48 år. Morfar kom til at bo det meste af sit liv påØster Laden, som han flyttede til med sine forældre, da han var 15 år,som han selv overtog, da han var 26, og som var hans hjem, til han døde73 år gl. i 1910. 
Spliid, Laura Kathrine (I210)
448 Mormor havde ikke andre søskende end broderen: Thomas Peter LauridsenSpliid 7.3.1843-21.8.1915. Han blev ejer af Skovgaard, Skovshoved vedHals, og flyttede senere til Hals, hvor han i en årrække var sognefoged.Han blev i 1871 gift med Ane Johanne Jensine Knudsdatter Toft22.3.1847-5.8.1928 ædste søster til førnævnte Elisabeth Toft, gift medfarfars bror Knud Christian Eriksen - til Jens Justesen Toft, gift medfarmors niece Jensine Marie Jensen - og til Inger Laurette Toft, giftmed farmors bror Jens Berthel Ottosen.
De fik børnene:
1 Maren Spliid, f.11.3.1872, d.16.7.1951.
2 Kirstine Spliid, f.18.5.1874, d.28.11.1942.
3 Knud Spliid, f.1877, d.30.3.1878
4 Laurits Bjørn Spliid, f.12.5.1879, d.17.10.1955.
5 Knudsine Spliid, f.4.10.1881, d?
6 Knud Spliid, f.23.7.1884, d.5.8.1960.
7 Peder Gandrup Spliid, f.1888, d.22.11.1948.
8 Andreas Marius Spliid, f.20.12.1890, d.25.1.1964.

Selvom Thomas med sin kone og deres børn - som altså har været min morsfætre og kusiner - boede nær ved V.Hassing, mener jeg ikke, at man i mitbarndomshjem havde noget samvær med dem. Flere af børnene udvandredealtså ogsa til Amerika, og min mor havde måske heller ikke opretholdtforbindelsen med sin morbror efter sin mors tidlige død. Jeg er faktiskførst nu kommet pa sporet af Thomas og hans familie – på samme made somjeg først nu er kommet pa sporet af min farfars søskende og deres børn. 
Spliid, Thomas Peter Lauridsen (I1326)
449 Mormors slægt går helt tilbage til 1500-1600 tallet. Den adskiller sigfra de andre slægter ved ikke at stamme fra Vendsyssel og ved først i 7.slægtled (min oldefar) at få tilknytning til landbruget her på egnen.

Den først kendte var Christen Spliid; Han var købmand i Randers. Hanskone kendes ikke, men de antages at have haft børnene:

Ingeborg Christensdatter
Anne Christensdatter
Inger Christensdatter
Jens Christensen, f. ? , d.1680 
Spliid, Christen (I169)
450 Most probable Father of John Fuller of Newton Fuller, John (I126729)
451 Most probable Grandfather of John Fuller of Newton Fuller, James (I126731)
452 Mother was May Harvey Greenleaf, Mary H. (I58)
453 Move To Canada
Dora was born in Calgary in Oct 1904 and we know from his homesteadpapers that the family lived just outside Carbon, Alberta, Canada on theNW Sec 2, Twp 29, Rng 23 W4 continuously from Nov 1904 until March 31,1908, when he made application for land ownership. The land title forthis quarter section was granted 23 June 1908 and he was grantedCanadian citizenship 23 April 1908. Life was difficult in the beginning;they lived in tents on the homestead until the first house was built oflogs. They planted big gardens and had a large root cellar to keepvegetables over the winter. There were plenty of rabbits and prairiechickens for hunting and CW went to Calgary a few times to work. In 1917CW purchased the school land portion of NE11, Twp29, Rng23 W4 which wasabove the ravine down to the coal mine entrances and the Knee HillCreek. The area along the creek contained several coal mines and CW isnamed on a lease in 1920 when the family started the 'Fuller' coal mineand extracted coal from this mine for some years. The mine had a railsystem where ponies pulled coal cars in and out of the mine at thebottom of the coulee and a cable winch system driven by horses pulledthe cars up the hill to a tipple which dumped the coal into horse drawnwagons. They would haul coal to Calgary with horse drawn wagons and thenbring back supplies. Babe Fuller said that everything came in barrels,rice, beans, coffee, flour and dried fruit. Charles built a house at thetop of the hill where the family stayed. He also built a two storyrooming house down on the flats below the mine, where the miners stayedand where there was always a big family atmosphere. This was especiallytrue at meal time as the family also ate at the rooming house whereGrace did the cooking and rooming house activities with the help of hergirls. In 1923 the railroad connected Carbon and ran along the creeknear the mines. We know the family owned and ran the mine until 1926 andwe know that coal was mined until 1930, when Alfred Fox owned it. Atsome point a rail spur and a system for loading rail cars directly fromthe mine was installed. One story was that Charles borrowed money andmortgaged this expansion, but we have not found evidence of that.Another story is that the mine may have run into another existing mineto the west. The Fullers of Carbon were part of the mining communitywith tragic results; Alfred lost his life in a mining accident and bothJesse and Harry lost their lives as a result of mining incidents. 
Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
454 My Grandma's lineage goes back to 1500-1600’s. It differs from the otherfamily lines in that it does not go back to Northern Jutland and did nothave 7 in the first generation (my great grandfather) and were notconnected to agriculture in these parts.

The first known ancestor was Christen Spliid; He was a merchant inRanders. His wife is unknown, but they are believed to have had fourchildren:
Ingeborg Christensdatter
Anne Christensdatter
Inger Christensen Daughter
Jens Christensen, b.? , d.1680 
Spliid, Christen (I169)
455 My sister, Laura Kathrine - "Ditte" - Eriksen f.10.7.1903
Born in Gandrup. She had domesticate education and had, been ahousekeeper in Copenhagen and when she was 37 years old married aveterinarian from Hjallerup, Jens “Anton” Jensen 23.12.1893-13.1.1972

You can see in Chapter 7 that Ditte was Anton’s second cousins, since hewas the grandson of our grandfather's brotherAnders. At the time of themarriage he was a widower with four children 14, 13, 11 and 7 years.
Ditte had one daughter, Hanne Ramsgaard Jensen, born 4.6.1943-27.12.2015 
Eriksen, Laura Katherine "Ditte" (I186)
456 mylo displastic syndrome Andrews, James White (I1613)
457 name given in parish record spelled Marie Josette Hautbois, but ingeneral parish records of Quebec, surname should really be Aubois. Aubois, Marie Josephe (I5736)
458 Name on her baptism record is "Isabelle" but marriage record shows a nameof "Elizabeth". The name of the Mother on the baptism records of herchildren (in Latin) was "Isabella". Cratte, Isabelle Elizabeth (I31)
459 Name shown as Susan Nellson Nelson, Susan (I1982)
460 Name shown as Susan Nellson Nelson, Susan (I1982)
461 named in death record for daughter Anne. May 2013. Tresse, Martin (I8225)
462 named the town of Wabasha MN (originally Wabashaw), after his wife'sgrandfather, Chief Wapashaw I. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
463 Nickname L'américain (the American) Martin, Simon Edourd (I8244)
464 No church death or burial record found and he was not on the 1880 census. Déchanet, Johan (I754)
465 no headstone Poole, Lulu Frances (I12)
466 no record at Arbigny-s/s-Varennes, nor Bize (Anrosey). Casot, Jeanne (I5894)
467 no records Family F133
468 No. 809174 Sapper in 137th Battalion Fuller, Harry Vincent (I241)
469 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F824
470 Not a relative to the Fuller family in Carbon, Alberta Fuller, Marc B. (I6887)
471 not alive in 1910 census. Jacobs, Clyde (I5795)
472 not found on Andilly records though. Briffaut, Michel (I5920)
473 not in Montigny-le-Roi. Family F155
474 Not in Montigny-le-Roi. Family F156
475 Not on 1870 census. Fuller, Eugene L. (I4602)
476 not on 1870 census. Fuller, Minnie J. (I4601)
477 not on the 1840 Census Fuller, Sarah Eliza (I4595)
478 Not on the 1920 census Brown, Genevia (I6840)
479 not sure of place Graham, Sarah Mary (I64)
480 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F461
481 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hagel, K.R. (I2664)
482 Note spelling of last name was "Hervey" Stevens, Tamesen (I2272)
483 Note: evidence shows that the spelling of her last name was Behrens asshown on her death certificate 1937-MN-016416 (we have not seen a copyof this). Other publications have anlicized the name to 'Burns'. Behrens, Matilda (I852)
484 Notre Dame De La Visitation Family F1065
485 Notre Dame De Quebec Family F1195
486 Notre Dame De Quebec Family F1185
487 Notre Dame De Quebec Family F1184
488 Notre Dame De Quebec Family F1023
489 Notre Dame De Quebec; 6 children with Anne Family F1196
490 obituary Andrews, James White (I1613)
491 obituary in Calgary Herald Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
492 Obituary states: Death of Frank W. Young Dion, Frank W (I851)
493 obituary, Calgary Herald, 3 Feb. 2002. Ohlhausen, Elma (I259)
494 of consumption Déchanet, Ralph (I758)
495 of diptheria Fredette, Mary Elizabeth (I4444)
496 of diptheria Fredette, Mary Imalda (I4419)
497 of diptheria Fredette, Charles Eugene (I1430)
498 officially transferred to the Wabasha area where he built a shop and ahouse on the banks of the Mississippi River. This place was known as'Cratte's Landing' and retained that name until the town of Wabasha wasofficially named some four years later in 1843. Crête, Etienne Olivier "Oliver" (Cratte) Sr. (I63)
499 Og det står i kirkebogen, at familien tog navne-ændring fra Sørensen tilNørgaard (efter navnet deres gård) i 1905.

The church records show that in 1905 the family changed their name fromSørensen to Nørgaard (the name of the farm). 
Nielsdatter, Mette Marie (I100)
500 Også i denne slægt går vi ca 300 år tilbage i tiden og møder fæstebønder,som bliver selvejere, da fæstebøndernes adgang til selveje er blevetlettet efter stavnsbåndets ophævelse i 1788.

På Nejst var den først kendte "Eriksen" min 3 x tip-oldefar PederJensen. Her er den først kendte "Ottosen" også en af mine 3 xtip-oldefædre, nemlig: Anders Jensen, 1682 – 1774 som var fæster af engård i Lyngdrup og var gift to gange. Først med Mette Christensdatter,1690 – 1729, som var født på Holtegaard, og derefter med AneMarcusdatter, 1696 – 1772. Det vides ikke, om Anders fik nogen børn medsin første kone. Ejheller, om der i hans andet ægteskab var andre børnend sønnen Jens, som blev født, da Anders var 55 og Ane 41 år gl. 
Jensen, Anders (I149)

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