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1  Fuller, Edwin (I4589)
2  Fuller, Edwin (I4589)
3  Carr, Octavia C. (I4585)
4  Fuller, George S. (I4575)

At the age of 23 he left Quebec to go west and was hired by the AmericanFur Co. for $700/yr (excluding board and room), to build traps and othertools 
Crête, Etienne Olivier "Oliver" (Cratte) Sr. (I63)

Repository (R33)
7 "Lured by the profit in furs he established a trading post on the StPeter's river near the present day town of Mendota, MN, as early as1802." Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
8 "She died in 1812 at age 76" so we can calculate her birth date as 1736,we assume in Newbury, but the vital records do not show this death. Gutterson, Mary (I5927)
9 "Sumner Fuller: Feb 28, 1834 Received at the South Church of Andover fromthe West Church of Andover. Sept 11, 1836 Removed from the South Churchin Andover to the 3rd Presbyterian Church of Charleston SC. Mary H(Greenleaf) Fuller: Feb 28, 1834 Received at the South Church of Andoverfrom the West Church of Andover. July 30, 1837 Removed from the SouthChurch in Andover to the 3rd Presbyterian Church of Charleston SC." Fuller, Lieutenant Sumner (I57)
10 #148 : Déchanet Constantin, propriétaire cultivateur, 38 ans, veuf
#149 : Déchanet Alfred, garçon, 13 ans, vivant du travail de son père.
Il n'y a pas les autres enfants. [# 148: Déchanet Constantine, ownercultivator, 38, widower
# 149: Déchanet Alfred, boy, age 13, living by the work of his father.
[There are no other children listed]. 
Déchanet, Sébastien Constantin (I61)
11 'appears to be common-law' Family F25
12 'bourgeoise' (middle class) Lepine, Jeanne (I6362)
13 'conseiller procureur du Roi au grenier à sel de Montsaugeon' [attorneyadvisor to the King's salt, Montsaugeon] Guyot, Antoine (I6146)
14 (Includes transcribed Ravoux/Oster Baptismal Register, 1851-1858) Source (S2)
15 (or May) Lasne, Estienne (I6544)
16 (twin) - 1900 census say b may 1852 Cratte, Daniel E. (I808)
17 15 Feb 1893 - adjudicated insane and ordered confined to Rochesteralylum; 27 12 1893 - probate court to be examined for insanity; 19 July1901 - examined by probate court and committed to the detention hospitalas he developed symptoms of insanity as he has threatened to kill hisfamily with an axe. Fuller, Myron (I224)
18 1850 census - Wabasha + Dakota Graham, Alexander Jr. (I769)
19 1850 census -- wabasha Graham, Alexander Jr. (I769)
20 1860 Census, age 2 years. Lachapelle, Sarah (I841)
21 1900 census she is living with Grace and Charles Fuller in St Paul
1910 census gives 10 yrs married. 
Family F465
22 1910 Census has her name as Dora A Cratte, Dora "Amilia" (I965)
23 1918 WW1 Draft registration, Oliver Chauncy Jacobs, Agnes I. Jacobs nextof kin. Jacobs, Oliver Chauncy (I760)
24 1918 WW1 draft registration. Jacobs, Oliver Chauncy (I760)
25 1930 census living in Seattle, WA as a lodger. Also see City Directoryfor LA for 1941. Jacobs, Oliver Chauncy (I760)
26 1930 Census: Hattie Knowles
- Home= Head - Owned; value- $800; Radio- Yes; Farm- No;
- Personal = female, white, age 63, divorced, age when married- 18;
-Education = attended school since 1929 - No; able to read a write -Yes;
-Occupation = Nurse; General Nurse 
Judkins, Hattie Adelaide (I4709)
27 1930 Census: Russell Knowles
- Son;
- Personal = male, white, age 44, divorced, age when married- 20;
-Education = attended school since 1929 - No; able to read a write -Yes;
-Occupation = Labourer; Casual Labour 
Knowles, Russell M. (I1789)
28 2. Else Marie Eriksen, f.24.12.1863, d.7.8.1921, overtog sammen med sinmand, Jørgen Peter Jørgensen (15.5.1863-13.4.1939) sin fars barndomshjemog blev således den sidste af slægten, der kom til at bo på Nejst.
2 Else Marie Eriksen, f.24.12.1863, d.7.8.1921, took over, with herhusband, Jørgen Peter Jørgensen (15.5.1863-13.4.1939) her father'schildhood home and was thus the last of the family lineage who lived onthe [the farm] Nejst. 
Family F399
29 3 children died these 2 years, names not recorded. Finot, Nicolas (I6005)
30 45 years old. Vatelet, Françoise Angélique (I7144)
31 6 OCTOBER 1473
DOCUMENT (archivesenligne.archives.cg54.fr) - des lettres patentes duduc de Lorraine, René II.

Retenue de pmier huiss de salle donne a george guiot
Retenue de huissier
De sae po george
Le VI jour doctobre mil IIII LXXIII mons S a retenu po son pmier
huissier de salle george guiot aux honneurs droiz proffiz
et autres emolumens aus office appt. Donne a Rozieres
lan jo dessus.

Mandant aux auditomes des comptes de ….. a …. Baron receveur gnallapot(?) de XX flors

Transcribed (transcrit) – français (French)
Retenue de premier huissier de salle donnée à George GUIOT
Retenue de huissier
De salle pour George Guiot

Le 6ème jour d’octobre mil IIII LXXIII (1473) Monseigneur a retenu pourson premier huissier de salle George GUIOT aux honneurs droits profits
et autres émoluments aux offices appointements. Doné à Rozières
l’an et jour dessus.

Mandant aux auditomes des comptes de … à …. (nom de famille) baron,Receveur général, l’appoint de XX (20) Florins

Translated -English
DOCUMENT (on-line French archives) - letters patent of the Duke ofLorraine, Rene II.

Appointment - private rooms first officer - given to George GUIOT
Retaining private rooms officer - George GUIOT
On the 6th day of October one thousand IIII LXXIII (1473) the Duke ofLorraine chose for his private rooms bailiff honours George GUIOT withprofit rights salary and other benefits for the office. Given as of theyear and day stated above.

The Receiver General is responsible for paying accounts from …… to ….(surname) Baron XX (20) Florins.

NOTE : Nous ne connaissons pas le rôle exactdu Premier Huissier deSalle du Duc de Lorraine, René II, mais l'histoire nous a appris quegénéralement le Premier Huissier de Salle était un soldatchargéd'ouvrir et de fermer les portes des appartements privés à ceux quiétaient autorisés à y entrer.

Nous savons que sous le règne de Louis XIV il y avait un PremierHuissier de Salle qui était également en charge des repas du Roi. Ilallait chercher un garde pour ramener la nourriture. Le Premier Huissierde Salle passait devant afin d'ouvrir les portes et il y avait d'autresgardes qui transportaient la nourriture. Dans le cas de Louis XIV, lePremier Huissier de Salle mettait et enlevait la nappe selon uncérémonial précis suivant la tradition.

NOTE: We do not know the exact duties of the private rooms bailiff forthe Duke of Lorraine, Rene II, but history has taught us that generallythe private bailiff was a soldier who was in charge of opening andclosing doors of the private rooms to those who were authorized toenter.

We know at the time King Louis XIV had a private rooms bailiff, who wasalso in charge of the meals for the King. He organized guards to getfood from the kitchen. The rooms bailiff was the first in a processionto open the doors for the many guards carrying the food. In the case ofLouis 14, the rooms bailiff also prepared the table by folding andunfolding the tablecloth in a precise ceremonial manner according totradition. 
Guyot, Georges "Écuyer, (Knight)" (I6104)
32 A biography of Sumner's son, William Greenleaf Fuller who was a famousAmerican in his own right, in the 1882 'History of Gallia County' byJames Averill, made the following statement, "His father Sumner Fullerwas a prominent man, a graduate of Yale college, a soap and tallowchandler in Boston and Andover Massachusetts. In 1834 he met with analmost fatal accident: removed to Charleston, South Carolina, for hishealth, but died there in 1838. His death left his widow with the careof seven children and a small patrimony. These children are all alive,as a monument to their mother's faithfulness. She too is still living." Fuller, Lieutenant Sumner (I57)
33 a Building contractor, and also a Stonecutter & Architect in censusrecords ["entrepreneur en bâtiments", also "tailleur de pierres" &architecte]. Tenaille, Silvain (I4556)
34 a farmer Family F1012
35 A farmer on Land left to him by his father. In 1813, when he died, theCourt ordered the sale of all his property to pay off his debts. Howevereach child recieved $140 cash after all debts were paid and after hiswidow recieved 1/3 of the real estate as her dower rights. Fuller, Deacon Joseph (I113)
36 a river pilot on the Mississippi River. ||At some point in time he gaveup this work and became a Deputy US Marshal in St. Paul. Buisson, Joseph "Joe" (Captain) Jr. (I777)
37 About 17 January 1876 his sons moved his body to the Riverside cemetery.At some time after that he was moved a second time to St Felix Cemetery,Wabasha, MN, where he has an individual stone in the Buisson FamilyPlot. Buisson, Joseph Sr. (I766)
38 About this time he operated a trading post along the Red River at a placeknown as Graham's Point, which later became the site of FortAbercrombie. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
39 accessed in April, 2010. Source (S103)
40 According to his daughter Lucy's birth record || a rafts man. During thisperiod of time the Mississippi River was the highway of the USA Midwestand Wabasha was a center for this activity. There was a grain rollingmill in town as well as a lumber mill and the steam ships moved cargoand pushed booms of lumber up and down the river. The people who workedin this industry on the river were called rafts men. Déchanet, Pierre "Alfred" (I30)
41 Accupation: Painter Greenleaf, Josiah (I5924)
42 Achieved the rank of 'Ensign' by 1750 (Junior military rank) Fuller, Ensign Josiah Sr. (I13)
43 Acquirer since 1560 of many lands in Villegusien, St Michel, Prangey,Cohon, Heuilley-Cotton, Heuilley-le-Grand, etc ... Guyot, Claude (I6099)
44 Act of sharing of his properties between his children. Guyot, Claude (I6099)
45 Adopted Weber, Knoute Rockne "Rocky" (I1577)
46 After meeting Elma Ohlhausen in 1938, Babe wanted 'something better' andsearched the area to find a place where he could open his own business.In Dec. 1939 he moved into the barbershop and pool hall that had beenempty in Rockyford and although the war was just starting, he rented thebuilding and contents which he eventually purchased. He found a verysmall one room house and started the hard work of fixing both thebusiness and house while getting the business up and running. He did nottell anyone that he was getting married the following June.
The "Shop" had 3 barber chairs in the front and 4 pool tables in theback. Babe had to work long hours because the pool hall was open latein the evening and the barbershop was going all day and all evening. 
Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
47 After school and during this time Babe worked in the Caol mine and alsoworked out as a farm hand during harvest as far away as Medicine Hat,AB. Babe's job at the mine was to drive a team of ponies pulling emptycoal cars into the mine, dropping one off in each room and then pullingthe little cars full of coal back out of the mine. Babe said the he wasnever injured in the mine, the ponies were smart and kept him safe. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
48 After the war we know that he worked as a trader for the Hudson's BayCompany as we have a copy of their ledger showing an advance of money atMontreal in 1815 with the last entry being in 1820. We also have copiesof letters between Graham and HBC officials and others referencingGraham during the same time period. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
49 after __ ___ 1909 Pedersen, Lars (I197)
50 Agdruphørte ved enevældens indførelse under kronen, var en avlsgårdunderSønder Elkærfra1665til1873. Gården ligger iSulsted Sogn,KærHerred,Ålborg Amti Vendsyssel og Aalborg Kommune. Hovedbygningen eropført i1845. (wiki)
Er war Fæster.

Agdrup, a farm which originated during the absolute monarchy under thecrown of Sonder Elkær from 1665 to 1873. The farm is located in SulstedParish, Kær District, County of Aalborg in Vendsyssel and Aalborg. Themain building was built in 1845. (wiki)
He was a tennant farmer. 
Kjærulf, Peder Jørgensen (I1678)
51 Age 29 when married. Déchanet, Anne Reine (I8068)
52 age 30, b Oct 1869, Canada, Painter, with wife & 2 boys. Living next doorto the Poole's. Vaughan, Walter Rudolph (I11)
53 age 5 weeks. Finot, Pierre François (I6253)
54 Age 54 years. Déchanet, Anne (I8090)
55 age 55. Newton, Elias (I5997)
56 age 9 yrs. Fuller, George Lawrence (I223)
57 alive in Dec 1936 in Seattle, acc. to sons obit. Wells, Agnes Bernadette (I976)
58 along with Joseph Buisson laid out the streets and lots and created theoriginal town plat for the town of Wabasha, MN. Crête, Etienne Olivier "Oliver" (Cratte) Sr. (I63)
59 Also Census April 9, 1910 same place - no children shown. 1920 census hersilster Melissa Gordon is living with this family. Fuller, Millie E. (I5853)
60 Also known as Borough-Bean Cemetery Fisk, Orissa Ann (I4576)
61 and became an ancient chief of the Mdewakantons. Shooter, Pine Chief (I133)
62 and his family were Episcopalians and for many years he was a faithfulPeoples Warden of the Grace Memorial Church in Wabasha. Buisson, Joseph "Joe" (Captain) Jr. (I777)
63 and was in the Order of Dominican Sisters. Fredette, Mary Ida (I4420)
64 Anders Jensen 1763 – 1829 boede først i København, men i 1805 købte hanHoltet af sin ældre bror og flyttede tilbage dertil. Han var gift medMette Mortensdatter ca.1765 – 1816 og fik med hende fem børn:

Jens Christian Andersen, f.23.3.1799 i Kbh., d.13.11.1876
Martin Frederik Andersen, f.ca.1801 i Kbh.
Christiane Andersen, f.27.10.1805
Kirsten Andersen, f.17.3.1807, d.før 1816
Mads Peder Andersen, f.24.2.1811

Da Mette døde i 1816, var det mindste barn kun fem år, og Anders giftedesig igen. Vi får lidt af et tidsbillede, når vi ser på den udførligebo-opgørelse, som blev foretaget ved hendes død. Der var bilæggerovn,spinderok og væv. Der var kobber- og messing­ ting, fade af tin ogtallerkener af tin eller stentøj, mens kun tekopper var af porcelæn. Hunhavde brugt fiskebens snøreliv, og til fint brug havde hun haft en blåatlaskes pels med hue. - Også inventar, landbrugsredskaber og dyr blevopregnet i boet, som alt i alt blev opgjort til knapt 2300 rigsdaler.

Anders Jensens anden kone var Margrethe Pedersdatter 1765 - 18?? Hun varaltså jævnaldrende med hans første kone og var ligesom Anders i 50'erne,da de blev gift. De fik da heller ingen fælles børn. I 1829 overgikHoltet til den ældste af sønnerne, og der blev oprettet enaftægtskontrakt, hvor det nøje blev bestemt, hvor meget korn, flæsk,kød, mælk, ost og brændevin sønnen skulle give Anders og Margrethe omåret. Anders døde samme år. Hvor længe Margrethe levede, vides ikke. 
Jensen, Anders (I153)
65 Anders som herredsfoged 1485 – 1494

Anders was a District Judge between 1485 - 1494 
Kjærulf, Anders Andersen (I1684)
66 Anders Ulv i Fogedgaard, Vadum [Vadum Sogn, Kær Herred, Aalborg Amt] fik1420 af kong Erik af Pommern Navnet Kjærulv (Kjærulf).

Anders Ulv from the farm Fogedgaard, Vadum [Vadum Parish, Kær District,Aalborg County] was in 1420 given the name Kjærulv (Kjærulf) by KingEric of Pomerania. 
Ulv, Anders (I1687)
67 Anders var herredsfoged i Kjær herred. Ejede Fogedgaard, Øster Aslundm.m. i gods Kjær og Hvetbo herreder [Aalborg Amt].

Anders was a District Judge in Kjær district. Owned the farms:Fogedgaard, East Aslund, and others in Kjær and Hvetbo Districts[Aalborg Amt]. 
Kjærulf, Anders Andersen (I1686)
68 Andres Jensen 1763 – 1829 first lived in Copenhagen , but in 1805 hebought the farm, Holtet from his older brother and moved back there. Hewas married Mette Mortensdatter ca.1765 – 1816 and had with her fivechildren :

Jens Christian Andersen, b.23.3.1799 in Copenhagen, d.13.11.1876
Martin Frederik Andersen, b.ca.1801 in Copenhagen
Christiane Andersen, b.27.10.1805
Kirsten Andersen, b.17.3.1807, d. before 1816
Mads Peder Andersen, b.24.2.1811

When Mette died in 1816, the youngest child was only five years andAnders remarried. We get a bit of the history, when we look at thedetailed housing inventory that was made upon her death. There was anoven, spinning wheel and tissues. There were copper and brass items,dishes of pewter and pewter plates, stoneware, while only teacups wereporcelain. She had used a fishbone corset for fine use, she had a bluesatin coat and hat. Also furniture, farm implements and animals werelisted in the estate , which all in all was estimated at just under 2300rigsdaler .

Andres Jensen's second wife was Margrethe Pedersdatter 1765-18 ?. Shewas the same age as his first wife and was like Anders in her 50s whenthey were married. They were then no children. In 1829 they passed thefarm, Holtet to the eldest son, and the creation of a contract carefullydetermined how much cereal, bacon, meat, milk, cheese and brandy the sonshould give Anders and Margaret each year. Anders died the same year.How long Margrethe lived is not known. 
Jensen, Anders (I153)
69 Archives for Canada, including War Records at archivescanada.ca. Repository (R12)
70 Arline married Jack Henderson in 1976 Family F963
71 as a 20 year old labourer living in a French household along with a Peter(Pierre) Dechanet who is listed as a 60 year old physician. Originallywe thought that this Peter must be his father, however we now know thisnot to be true because we found his birth record in France. Alfred'ssister, Asulite, married Nicholus Guyot on 26 May 1859 in this samecounty of Hancock and likely the town of Findlay, Ohio. Déchanet, Pierre "Alfred" (I30)
72 ashes buried near the lake Herbert, Charles Raymond "Ray" (I334)
73 Ashes spread at see (Pacific Ocean) Anderson, Isabel (I2211)
74 assumed place. Guyot, Claude (I6099)
75 at about age 65. Reedy, James Edward (I582)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1048
77 At the age of 14 he emigrated from the Le Havre France, on the Samuel M.Fox arriving || Nicolas Guyot age 20, who will later show up as thehusband of his sister, Asulite, was also on this ship. Déchanet, Pierre "Alfred" (I30)
78 At the corner of Old Winthrop Rd. and Fairbanks Rd. Repository (R45)
79 At the end of the war he was initially barred from entering the USA,however was eventually allowed to join his wife and children. H.H.Sibley claimed that he was given USA citizenship at some point. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
80 at the home of Oliver Cratte and was performed by Lawrence Taliafero(Indian Agent). Family F466
81 At the time Newton was known as "Cambridge Village" Hyde, Job Jr. (I2101)
82 At the time of the marriage her name was Elsie M. Miller. They divorcedin 1951. Family F730
83 Babe and Jack Balderson were in the same class and they rode their horsesto school until 1929. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
84 Babe had major back problems thoughout his life with several surgeriesand later developed rheumatoid arthritis and had several jointsreplaced. Babe's mother died of diabetes and later on gave himselfinsulin shots. He survived two heart attaches several years before hedied. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
85 Babe had rented the resaurant for and Elma took a hair dressing courseand they rented a smaller builting on main street and opened a Barbershop and Hair dressing and worked together there until Elma was struckdown with a brain aneurism where she spent a year in thehospital-rehabilitation. Elma did come home after that but was never thesame person, but they managed as best they could for some years. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
86 Babe recieved a Diploma from Dominion Trade Schools stating that he had"Served five months training in Barbering". He then rented a barber shopat 900, 9th Ave East, Calgary and even though each month he paid $5Rent, $1 water & gas and $1 electrical, he could not make a living. Thiswas the depression years and he once took a street car ticket, a postagestamp and 3 pennies for a haircut. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
87 Babe sold some of his barbering equipment and lease hold improvements inCalgary for $120 and moved back to Carbon where he set up a barber shopin town. This did not work out so he moved to East Coulee and set upshop which again did not work so he moved back to Carbon and worked inthe mine driving ponies for $4.50 per day, which was a good wage duringthe depression of the 1930s.For the next while, Babe had a small barbershop, worked in the mine and lived in a rooming house with brother Ralphand they ate at the local Chinese restaurant. We have pictures of theFuller's harvesting in 1937, perhaps that was not on the Fuller farm. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
88 Babe was a member of the Free Masons of Alberta and worked his waythrough the various levels and was Master of the Rockyford Lodge1963-1971 and District Deputy Grand Master 1973-74. He was an activemember until he died and received his 50 year jewel 12 Oct. 1994. Baberequested and received a Free Masons Funeral Service after the regularchurch service. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
89 Babe was issued a "Certificate of Proficiency" from the Department ofIndustry and Labour of Alberta under the Tradesmen's Qualifications Act,certifying him at Rockyford in the trade of "Barbering".
This certificate hung in his barber shop all his life. 
Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
90 Babe was rejected for service because of his health issues. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
91 Bapt. 25 May 1823 Old South Church, Boston, MA, USA. Fuller, Rev. Pulaski "Woodman" (I28)
92 Baptims record spells the last name as Crête Cratte, Martha (I815)
93 Baptised 29 Sept, 1626, in St Mary's Greenleaf, Judith (I2267)
94 Baptism Date Greenleaf, Captain Edmund (I5935)
95 Baptism date Greenleaf, Elizabeth (I2222)
96 Baptism date Greenleaf, Abigail (I2221)
97 Baptism date Greenleaf, Samuel (I2217)
98 Baptism Date Griggs, Hannah (I2115)
99 Baptism date Death, William (I1979)
100 Baptism date Death, William (I1978)

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