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1920 Farm 1920 Fuller Farm 1920 Thrashing Alfred and Margaret, Jan 27, 1931, no snow Alfred and wife Annette Alfred's daughter Margaret Fuller Giles on the Fuller farm Alfred's daughter Margaret Grace on the Fuller Farm Andersen, Berthe Jørgensen Atherton, Major Gen Humphrey Atherton, Major General Humphrey
Aunt Nellie at the farm Babe and Ollie on the farm Babe Fuller Babe Fuller and his brother Ralph Babe Fuller on the Fuller Farm Balderson, Amos & Annie Balderson, Amos LeRoy 'Roy' Balderson, Amos LeRoy and Mary Violet Sales Balderson, Annie Fuller family Balderson, Earl
Balderson, Jack and second wife Ruth Balderson, Lee Roy 'Jack' Balderson, Margaret Klassen Belle Fuller and Jack Vaughan Berry, Nettie Francis Richards & Howard Pike Berry Berry, Nettie Francis Richards & Howard Pike Berry Bird, Thankful Atherton
Bird, Thomas Jr. Block, Nels Buchholz, Bertha Gruenwald
Buchholz, Bertha Gruenwald Buchholz, Ida Buchholz, Wilhelm Buchholz, Wilhelm Buchholz, Wilhelm - Homestead Buchholz, Wilhelm - Homestead - 2 Buckman, Abner Buckman, Abner and Polly Perkins Buckman, Abner M Buckman, Polly Perkins
Budolfsen, Ingrid Eriksen Budolfsen, Lars Christian Building the Rail Spur to the old Fuller Coal Mine Buisson, Alice 'Allie' May Buisson, Clara Louise Buisson, Cyprien Buisson, Cyprien Buisson, Elizabeth Stone Buisson, Emily Lariviere
Cemetery Records show her as 'Emma' Buisson, Henry
Buisson, Joseph Jr.
River Pilot Buisson, Joseph Jr. Buisson, Joseph Jr. Family Plot, Block 24, Plot 1&2 Buisson, Joseph Sr. Buisson, Joseph Sr. Buisson, Joseph Sr. Family Plot
Section G, Plots 28-46 Buisson, Louis Henry Buisson, Lucy Nancy Graham Buisson, Mary E. O'Conor, wife of Daniel Buisson Butchering at the Fuller farm
Calgary Market Carbon Area Coal Mines Carbon Cemetery Carbon Coal Mine No. 749, Rail Spur Carbon Coal Miners Carbon fairgrounds picture Carbon Parade Carbon, Mine Ponies Census, 1860 USA Charles and Harry Fuller on the farm
Charles W Fuller on the farm Charles W. Fuller farming Charles W. Fuller with Grandson Charles Cole, Elizabeth Fuller Cole, Walter Randall Cole, Walter Randall Cole, Walter Randall and Susan Northfield - marriage Cole, Walter Randall and Susanna Northfield - marriage license Cratte, 'Josephine' Scolastique Cratte, Alta Mary
Cratte, Amelia
Daughter of Daniel and Sophia Cratte, Charles E. Cratte, Daniel Family Plot
Section B, Plot 52 Cratte, Daniel or his son George Cratte, David Cratte, David & Eliza Jane Harrell Cratte Cratte, David Cratte Family Plot, Block 6 Lot 19 Cratte, David H. Jr. Cratte, Edward David & Nancy Jane Cratte, John Oliver
Cratte, Mary Emeline Chadwick
Wife of William T. Cratte Cratte, Oliver Cratte, Oliver, Family Plot
Section F, Plot 9 Cratte, William T. Cratte Family Plot
Son of David Cratte Cratte, William Tecumseh Sr. Cratte, William Walter Jr. Crattes Landing, Wabasha, Minnesota, USA Creste, Antoine - Baptism document Creste, Jean, Baptism Record for Tourouvre, France Déchanet, Alfred
Déchanet, Alfred - Residence, 1901 Déchanet, Alfred Family Photo Déchanet, Alfred, Family Plot, Section J Plot 49
Déchanet, Alfred, Residence 1901 
NE Corner of 4th and Bailey, Wabasha, MN
Déchanet, Dorothea 'Dora' Déchanet, Dorothea Lucy Déchanet, Dorothea Lucy 'Dora' Déchanet, Grace Déchanet, Isabelle E.
Section J, Plot 49
Déchanet, Sébastiaen Constantine, 1834 
Call to the Military, By Lottery Draw
Déchanet, Sébastien 1834, Military Replacement Document
Déchanet, Sébastien Constantin. Page 1 of Original Marriage Document Déchanet, Sébastien Constantin. Page 2 of Original Marriage Document Douglas, Annetta Erickson, Walter Norman Eriksen, Anders Eriksen, Anders and wife Else Marie Sørensen Eriksen, Anders Familie i Nørgaard, Lindholm, Aalborg, DK Eriksen, Anders i Villerup, Skallerup, Hjørring, DK Eriksen, Anna Skytte & son Ole Eriksen
Eriksen, Børn af Dyrlæge Jens Eriksen og Ane Johanna Jensen Eriksen, Ditte, Inger, Ottha, Knud Eriksen, Ellen Eriksen, Else Jørgensen Eriksen, Else Marie Sørensen Eriksen, Eriksen Familie Plot Eriksen, Inge Marie Ottosdatter Eriksen, Inger Marie Ottosdatter og hendes søskende med deres ægtefæller

Eriksen, Inger Marie Ottosdatter and her siblings with their spouses
Eriksen, Jenny Eriksen, Jens and Johanne Jensen Eriksen
Eriksen, Jens Cajus Eriksen, Jens Dyrlæge Eriksen, Jens Jensen Eriksen, Johanna Eriksen, Knud Eriksen, Knud and Else Jørgensen Eriksen Eriksen, Lars Peter Eriksen, Lars Peter & Inger Marie Ottosdatter Eriksen, Lars Peter, Jens, Else Margrethe, Knud Christian [L-R] Eriksen, Ukendt [Unknown]
Faribault, Alexander Faribault, Alexander Faribault, Charles Oliver Faribault, Euphrosine St. Antoine Faribault, George Henry Faribault, Jean Baptist Faribault, Mary Elizabeth Graham Faribault, Oliver Leonard Fuller Coal Mine Carbon, Tipple system, 1920 Fuller Ensign John d 1717/18.JPG
Fuller farm Fuller farm pictures 1936 Fuller farm, Carbon, Alberta, Canada Fuller farmhouse in the winter Fuller Mine 1920, Cable Tipple Fuller, Abigail Williams, d. 1796 Fuller, Ada Morris Fuller, Ada Morris Fuller, Aideline Fuller, Alfred
Fuller, Alfred and wife Annetta Fuller, Alfred Michael Fuller, Alfred, Carbon Alberta Canada Fuller, Allen and family Fuller, Allen and Ida Buchholz family Fuller, Allen Ray Fuller, Allen Ray Fuller, Annie 'Anna Belle' Fuller, Annie Balderson Fuller, Annie Grace, daughter of Harry V.
Fuller, Babe Fuller, Babe and Elma wedding day, June 2, 1940 Fuller, Charles (1843-1888) family Fuller, Charles Henry (1843-1888) Fuller, Charles Henry (1843-1888) head Fuller, Charles James and Violet Lorena McGraw Fuller, Charles James and Violet Lorena McGraw Fuller, Charles Woodman Fuller, Charles Woodman Fuller, Charles Woodman and Grace Déchanet
Fuller, Charles Woodman and Grace Dechanet family Fuller, Charles Woodman and the older boys. Fuller, Charles Woodman Farm/Ranch Land Fuller, Charles Woodman Fuller - Family Medical Book Fuller, Charles Woodman, Fuller Mine Fuller, Deacon Joseph, (1751-1813)
Obit: Appeared in Boston Newspaper dated 27 Feb. 1813 Fuller, Dora Fuller, Dora and Husband Nels Herbert Fuller, Edwin
No Marker Fuller, Elizabeth Bacon, d. 1819
Fuller, Ellen 'Nellie' Kyle Fuller, Ellen Kyle Fuller, Elma Ohlhausen Fuller, Ensign John Fuller, Ensign Josiah, d. 1793 Fuller, Ethel B.
(not related to Sumner Fuller Fuller, Family Cemetery Plot, 
Evergreen Cemetery, Long Prairie, MN Fuller, Farm in Carbon, Alberta, Canada Fuller, George A.
Son of George S. Fuller Fuller, George A.

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